Health In Lykoi

Lykoi Health

The Lykoi does not have an undercoat and, therefore, coat care will be minimal — a light brushing once a week will be sufficient, plus the usual check on eyes, ears, and claws to check if they need clipping. They can moult some or all of their coat, making them appear more naked than usual; this is quite normal for Lykoi cats, and the coat will grow back again later.        


Thanks to the careful selection and testing of foundation cats by the original breeders, Lykoi are a robust and healthy breed, with no known breed–specific health issues. The breeding policy allows for outcrossing to domestic cats, ensuring the continuation of a diverse gene pool. 

Domestic cats had been found to have problem with hearth problems in a higher grad than one could have expected. So we HCM scan all our cat in the breeding program.

Lykoi can develope blackheads and cyst, this is no problem for the cat.