We are glad to welcome you to our Lykoi page.

On this homepage you can:

Read about who we are under About The Breeders.

Meet our beloved four legged friends and their offspring under Our Lykois.

If you want to know about the breed and its recognition you can go to The Lykoi Breed.

That cat looks sick! How healthy is a Lykoi? to answer questions like that we have a page called Health in Lykoi.

When buying a cat from us, what can you expect to get? What do we expect from you as a buyer to one of our Lykoi? Read about that under Buying a Lykoi.

We frequently gets question about our Lykoi cats, under Common Questions about Lykoi, you can find answers, don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

Hope you enjoy our page.

Carolynn & Helle