Passion Pixi
Passions Pasion

Pixi and Pasion are two sweet sisters, from the same litter. They are both rather naked, a specially in the summertime, and in the winter they get more fur. Then they develops the characteristics werewolf bear on their cheeks.

They have both given us wonderful litters with our male Lucifer. Pasion is the mother of our A-litter. Adonis, Aiakos and Artemis. Pixi is the mother to our B-litter: Belos, Brisa, Bia, Brimo and Bolbe. They are both perfect mothers, with very easy birthing, a lot of milk. Pasion had to raise a litter of six oriental short-hair kitten since their mother lost her milk due to eklampsis. Pasion is a real heroine who manage to raise and feed twelve kittens.